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Their sample questions and practice tests best simulates the difficulty and timing of the real exam. Some students complain that ACER’s practice booklets did not. ACER’s GAMSAT Sample Questions – Blue Booklet Worked Solutions. Gold Standard GAMSAT; 21 videos; 74, views; Last updated on Nov. Worked solutions for ACER’s GAMSAT Sample Questions Booklet – General Chemistry.

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The theory explanations in the Physics videos, the online practice questions and all of the practice exams were especially helpful because I have not studied Physics before. The flash cards were also really useful, I’d take them to work, on the journeys, use them with dinner. I feel that the preparation provided by the Gold Standard course has enabled me to achieve this score. Chat With Us Contact us with our live chat.

Answers are given for all questions and suggested worked solutions are provided for some. The scores were Rasch analysed and a measurement scale was calibrated.

I got a good enough score to get me 3 interviews and I am now starting med school at my first choice in September. This kit was indispensable. Click image to enlarge. I gamsst, everyone I know did too!

Brett, is like the really cool science teacher who you never had but always wish you had. Though similar in format, the e-books contain different selections of material and are designed to give examples of the types of questions asked in gamdat GAMSAT test and of the skills and knowledge tested.

The essay section was particularly helpful. Preparation strategy Preparation materials. This is more than an answer book! Quetions you already have an account on our website then you will find your free practice test, after you login, by clicking Tests gammsat the top Menu and then scrolling down. The DVDs were also really helpful. At the live courses, Dr.


If that isn’t all, the book also includes sane advice on medical school interviews – no mention of fairytale scenarios that you may hear from contemporaries – just cool collected experienced advice. Really useful way to check your learning. Every question has a separate forum thread to encourage further discussion. Ferdinand asked us to let him know how we went in the exam so I just wanted to share my results with you. Results Currency of results Withholding of results Appeals and re-checks.

To enable automatic scoring several hundred responses to the tasks were marked using a criterion-referenced analytical marking guide. Theo Mahendradatta, former President. To view these videos, click here: I started studying at the beginning of a 3 month summer break an was a bit dismayed to find that this book recommended at least 6 months!

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Thought he may appreciate the feedback, as I know completing the course certainly contributed to my success. In addition, the review of Physics questions by Dr.

He has a really soothing voice and amicable manner so even on questiins days when I really didn’t feel like studying, he still made me learn things. Make use of the 10 hours free online help and you will ease into this exam with no worries.

I received an overall GAMSAT score of 72 with individual scores of 73, 68 and 74 in sections 1, 2 and 3, respectively. Great book, but you need DVD’s with it, because some info is too detailed.

ACER > Australian Council for Educational Research

The pieces of writing are then automatically scored and a percentile band and a score range are provided on completion of both tasks. All sample questions simulate the real exam.


Hard copies are no longer available from ACER. To learn about our online mock exams designed by The Gold Standard, click here: I would like to say thank-you to Dr.

Australian Council for Educational Research

This book motivates and reinvigorates from page one by understanding the vast array of emotions the graduate applicant to medical school will experience. The [Gold Standard] GAMSAT Prep package is an invaluable studying tool because it allows for an efficient preparation and enables me to apply his strategies to its fullest extent. The content of the preparation materials does not change from year to year unless otherwise specified.

Despite this, the proper use of this booklet includes timing yourself: I would also recommend to do the courses: Especially happy with the 66 that I achieved for the writing section. Please obtain e-book or booklet access to the ACER questions in order to maximize your learning experience. The book guides you through your revision, it outlines the different sections of the exam clearly with plenty of examples.

Section 1 and Section 3 in this practice material both contain approximately half as many questions as the corresponding sections of a real test. Ferdinand said he’d be interested to see how everyone went after all the preparation we did. I have not sat the exam yet but I am already thankful for the feeling of excitement and anticipation of studying medicine once again.

The preparation materials will be accessible via the online account as soon as the payment is received successfully.

Ferdinand conducted in Brisbane.

Theo Mahendradatta Former President.