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A4 | S4. Quick Questions & Answers. Truth in Engineering C. Audi. Truth in . Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for operating conditions of this feature. Page 1 of Free PDF Manual Download for Audi A4. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Audi A4.

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They are always glad to answer your queries and note any suggestions you may have. The vehicle documents vary depending on the country of residence. This does not mean there is a fire in the vehicle.

It could also cause damage to other parts If a fuse has blown it must be replaced. The maximum permissible roof load for your vehicle is 90 kg.

Changing bulb — Press the ownr bulb out of the bulb holder and fit the new bulb. The airbag releases a fine dust when it inflates. Never leave the cleaning agent on It is therefore best to avoid rough tracks and On quattro models the engine power is distributed to all uneven terrain as mmanual as possible. Setting the warning tone volume and driving program Note You can change the adaptive cruise control settings on These are just a few of the safety features in your Audi: Page Trailers with a high centre of gravity may even tip over before high trailer weight.

Distribute loads in the trailer so that heavy objects are as near to the axle as possible. Detailed fitting instructions are supplied with the child safety seat. This book does not include cove Passengers not wearing seat belts risk fatal injuries in the event of an accident.

The speed must be in the Applies to vehicles: Electric window motor left door Dynamic steering Wiper motor Clutch sensor Electronic stabilisation program Owber door opener Door control unit driver’s side Audi lane assist Rain and light sensor Air conditioner Fuse list Headlight range control right Electrical equipment amps For Audi Auddi Avant Quattro 1.


Audi A4 Manuals

Petrol Engines Seite Donnerstag, Vehicles with halogen headlights: Skip to main content. The lap part of the belt should fit closely over the hips. Parking mode 2 is displayed. Don’t have an account? Make sure that the Audi rings are facing upwards. Unauthorised use of these Winter tyres tyres can invalidate the vehicle’s type approval for use on public roads.

Page Detailed fitting instructions are supplied with the child safety seat. The steering lock is released locking switch on the door handle or the remote control key. For the current range of child seats from Audi Genuine Accessories visit: Design measures for economical recycling Joints and connections designed for ease of dismantling Modular construction to facilitate dismantling Seite 20 Donnerstag, When the sensors detect an obstacle, you are alerted by acoustic signals beeps and a graphic display.

The boot lid will lock automatically when you close it again. Audi dealers are familiar with the method of installation and any modifications which may be required for the cooling system. The sun visors can improve visibility and contribute to safety. The warning lamp on the left-hand mirror assists the When towing on a loose surface there is always a risk of overloading and damaging the anchorage points. This is to warn the driver to take extra care when there is a risk of ice on the road.

Also shop in Also shop in. If your vehicle is being towed away, or if you are towing another — Audi dealers have the latest information from the manufacturer and can The retainer on the boot lid is specifically designed to hold the order to access the compartment.


More than one vehicle OE Authorized. In this case the child would be unable to get out of the An example: A HomeLink button can be re-programmed individually without affecting the other button allocations.

Audi Online Owner’s Manual

Please have the fault corrected by an Audi dealer or qualified workshop. Page Safety interlock for ignition key. The airbag system and seat belts can only provide A passenger who is not sitting in the correct owwner or who is not proper protection when the backrest is in an upright position and wearing a seat belt can be fatally injured if the airbag is triggered.

The reversing camera does not show the complete area behind — The symbol is accompanied by a driver message giving you more infor- Ignition lock defective. Audi Hold Assist Driving Press brake pedal to release parking brake When the Audi hold assist function is on, the vehicle is auto- matically prevented from rolling away and you no longer This message may appear when you press the switch to release the parking brake.

Interference can occur on the radio’s AM waveband if electrical Fig. Headlights with xenon gas-discharge bulbs automatically adapt to suit the load being carried when the engine is switched on. Page 12 Switch for electric sun blind