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Biochimie medicală: mic tratat by Aurora Popescu(Book) 7 editions published between and in Romanian and held by 10 WorldCat member. BIOCHIMIE MEDICALA. MIC TRATAT VOL. I – Carti de la. BIOCHIMIE MEDICALA . MIC TRATAT de VERONICA DINU Puteti comanda aceasta carte de la CARTI. CODE: MG COURSE: Anatomy – Embryology. CREDITS: Year and semester of study. 1st year, 2nd year. LECTURERS 1s.

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In addition, course participants will have the opportunity to attend structured educational sessions in patient selection, treatment options and clinical management Coronary disease: Flammarion Paris, Cruce M.

The writings of Hippocrates and Galen today: Microscopic transport and equilibrium. Acute and chronic pericarditis. Principles and research methods. Review of all the smears. Southern and Northern blot. Test 3 Week Dissection of the main 3 lymph nodes groups of the thorax.

Haemorrhage — definitions, classifications, haemostasis, blood transfusion in surgery. The fifths and sixths weeks of embryonic life Developmental anatomy of human fetuses Embryofetal annexes Development of the appendicular locomotor system and of the vertebral column Clinical anatomy of the upper limb Clinical anatomy of the lower limb Development of the respiratory system Functional organization of the lungs.

Circulation time Cardiovascular physiology; venous circulation, microcirculation. Their importance to medicine psychoanalysis, analytic psychology, individual psychology, psychosomatics, gestaltism Personality and small groups. Demonstration of the analgesic effect of morphin. Constitution and typology in homeopathic medicine. General and functional symptoms.


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II General data about viruses: Past, present and perspectives 23 CODE: Oesophageal symptomatology and oesophageal syndromes. Striated skeletal muscle — structure; molecular mechanism of the muscular contraction. Supramolecular structure of DNA 3 hours Dini division: Temporal and placing structure Civilization elements: Mitochondrial DNA 2 hours ; Gene structure, localization and identification. The associative systems The brainstem.

Anatomy – UMF Iasi

Organs transplantation — principles and techniques. Dissection of abdominal lymph nodes. Acute and chronic viral infectious hepatitis.

Ovary — general organization; types of ovarian follicles; ovulation process; ovogenesis. Macromolecules biophysics proteins and nucleic acids. Laboratory diagnosis for conformation of enteric fever diagnosis Week Acute and chronically intoxication with nicotine.

Dissection of the parietal venous system Dissection of thoracic esophagus: Functional organization of the superior respiratory system Development and functional organization of the superior digestive system Carotid arterial systems Cephalic venous and lymphatic systems Topographic and applied anatomy of the head Topographic anatomy of djnu face Applied anatomy of the face Topographic anatomy of the neck Applied anatomy of the neck Anatomical bases of medical imaging of cephalic end Veronuca nervous system.


Chemical examination of the bile; emulsifying action of the bile Physiology of the endocrine glands. Blood — thymus barrier. Respiratory volumes and flow rates; spirometry, spirography Physiology of circulation and respiration; revision.

Visceral modifications in chronic leukaemia. Dissection of pericardium; fibrous pericardium, serous pericardium, blood and nerve supply.

Anatomy – UMF Iasi – PDF Free Download

Identification of non-typhic Salmonella. Main tendencies in contemporary medical scientific research. The ventral pharyngeal aria and its derivatives Development of the superior respiratory system. Nina Zamosteanu Junior assist. Contraction of striated and smooth muscles in vitro studies Internal environment. Veliscu Iulian Junior assist. Junctional proteins, cell-cell and cellmatrix interactions.

Digestion and absorption of proteins; Amino group metabolism transaminase, oxidative disaminasing, uric biosynthesis ; Methabolism of carbon atoms skeleton of aminoacids; Metabolism of specific aminoacids: Frincu Doina Lucia Assist.

The sternum The scapula. Leukocytes white blood cells: Acute intoxication with methanol.

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Male and female pseudo- hermaphroditism. Histophysiology of the generation and conduction of nerve impulses. Laboratory diagnostic of urinary tract infections.