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The Paul Chen / Hanwei Forge produces the finest quality reproductions . Welcome to Paul Chen Hanwei swords. As an official distributor of the incredible line of Cas Hanwei swords, our goal is to make your shopping experience easy. CAS Iberia began as an importer of quality knives from Spain and has since grown into Ancient weapon of European tribes recreated by Hanwei and Svord .

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Don’t get me wrong, the best DF swords are also without niku, and MAS swords are also too wide and thin to be traditional.

Paul Chen Hanwei Swords

A lot of fun though. Their Japanese swords tend to be just a little too sharpmeaning that the edges are so fine and hard that while they cut like a laser, hitting harder targets whether accidentally or on purpose is a sure fire way to chip or break them.

Originally Posted by Brian Brazier. The Authors of; and Historical based works. Part of the Tinker Pearce designed sword series, a great blade and so much potential, but not the complete package.

Paul Chen Hanwei Swords

Most of us who use longer iaito have to compromise with shorter blades. So what exactly do people want in a sword?

A step in the right direction with this 3′ razor blade by Hanwei. Bartender and Brewmeister for the Pub Stranger in a Strange land.

C.A.S. Hanwei

A lot of the stuff I see here I forward on, but I can’t catch everything. Blogs Groups Advanced Search. Right now is the time to be making requests for what you want to see on the website. Hanwei is sending more Cutting Jian now I see your reasoning From the humble Practical Katana, both the classic series and the newer performance series to Swedish Powder steel, Tamagahane Nihonto style blades and now even the legendary L6 Tool Steel, there are Japanese style Hanwei swords to suit every hanewi and budget.


Eh, at least they are trying a catwlog more to keep up with the game. I can comment then on whether or not they have niku I will say that having niku on one of these blades esp. Hanwei Practical Wakizashi The first Wakizashi on the market it still holds its own, but while practical isn’t much of a looker. A exceptionally good replica cattalog the original, though it had a few teething troubles to get there. I can’t say whether this was a determining factor in the design of the blades, I just don’t know.

CAS Iberia / CAS Hanwei Swords and Knives | OsoGrandeKnives

Get them while they last! Hanwei Practical Norman It’s sturdy, blunt and cheap, and a favorite of re-enactors on a budget. However, from the new Japanese swords, almost none have niku, all too wide blades with a flat edge and rather thin section.

I personally don’t see the “Elite” geometry as having a weak edge against hard targets, I’ve only cut mats with an elite so I’m not speaking from personal experience Originally Posted by Ron Salter. Thank god we didn’t go through with it I believe it was intorduced this way to our customers once, and the backlash was quick and severe! The tsuka may need to cae adjusted a bit for balance Due to the relative hardness and thinness of some of the blades, there are many anecdotal stories aboud of them literally snapping in half and then flying through the air after a poorly executed strike against relatively light targets such as Tatami Omote and Water Filled Bottles.


Hanwei Sword of St Maurice A exceptionally good replica of the original, though it had a few teething troubles to get there. Hanwei Practical Plus Elite An excellent sword for the money with several huge improvements over earlier models. For the lower priced Paul Chen Hanwei Swords, the most common complaint was quality control. Hope to see you there! The Classic Catalg is their traditional style of sword, the new L6 and Tamahagne have the are members of the Classic line and not the Performance.

But I wanted a good quality shinken and matching iaito set for tameshigiri: Hanwei Raptor Nanbokucho Designed by Shihan Hwnwei Williams from the Bugei company, these are excellent blades but not without a few issues. You can see that that will generally be more expensive than a production blade – therefore, the market exists.

The official CAS Iberia site is the most expensive price to buy them at.

Hanwei Forge Zatoichi The old sword hidden in a stick trick. Hanwei Cromwell Sword Ornate, and a fairly faithful replica of the original with a decently made blade and eye catching fittings.

I hear traditional geometry but which,exact traditional geometry? Surely there is scope for 1 line that is available in say a 31″ length? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: What do you all think?