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jump-start your weight loss. ™. Debbie Siebers’ Plan 3. The photo shoot plan . Food list. 6-Day Express notes. Get the most out of your workouts. Slim in 6 plan pdf. Slim in 6 Day Express Diet Plan – Free Meal Plan PDF trainer Debbie Siebers and Slim in 6 six weeks and youll see firmer. What we loved and hated about Debbie Sieber’s workout schedule and 6 Workouts; Workout Calendar; Meal Plan; Your 6-Day Express Plan.

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Clothes fitting better too.

Best Diets of Fitness expert Debbie Siebers created Slim in 6 to reshape your body in six weeks, using a combination deit mild resistance training and cardio to slim and strengthen the entire body.

The diet features a 6 Day Express food plan that comes with the workout program and can be used to supplement the workouts or as an independent diet. In college I did it to a “T” and it really worked. So here I go!

I like the slim n 6 series. Slim in 6 Reshape, retone and redefine your body in six weeks with Debbie Siebers. Created by Debbie Siebers, a fitness devotee and creator of Thin Thighs Guaranteed by Beachbody, Slim in 6 includes workout videos, tools to track your progress and a 6-day diet plan that promises to help you lose six pounds and inches in less than a week.

I made it until the 5th week and then I got really sick, keeping me from exercising for a week and a half. I have lost 12 pounds in 2 months! The workout videos will build your strength.

Slim in 6 Challenge Pack – Kathi Reuter

Overall, this produced more results than I rebbie ever had from any other workout. The Slim in 6 program features Siebers’ own Slim Training technique.

I love the fact that everything feels so slim and strong. The first week of Slim in Six was fairly easy but left me sore. He is currently enrolled in a Master of Arts program in writing popular fiction at Seton Hill University. I have tried LOTS of diets. I expected better results. It was the only workout where I lost inches in my hips consistently. To be honest, the DVD has been a little exaggerated if you ask me! The 6-Day Express Diet Plan serves as the dieting component of Slim in 6, establishing meal guidelines to achieve proper nutrition and weight loss.


There are lots of squats and lunges which can be hard on the knees. Siebegs get out of it exactly what you put into it!

They are a lot more intense and they ensure you will not plateau. Little did I know that I sieberss a thyroid disorder which was causing me to not lose any weight.

Slim in 6 | Slim in Six Workout by Debbie Siebers

I am not a beachbody coach simply a desperate to lose weight. Publish feedback on my Facebook Feed. Hello i can honestly say i also had seen the infomercial on a sleepless night and got it.

Made popular by its infomercial, Slim in 6 is an exclusive fitness program that guarantees to reshape your body in just six weeks. Do You Know the Best Diets of ? The diet is pretty strict, but if you can stick to it, it pays off. Ordered this program a long time ago. I fell off the wagon and decieded to pull out all my old programs and pick one to start with again.

The results and seeing myself progress countered this. Lets you chart your progress and stay motivated. Slim in 6 is an all-inclusive fitness and diet plan that promise to help reshape your body in just six weeks.

6-Day Express Diet Plan

Focusing on low glycemic foods like green vegetables and lean protein, the 6-Day Express Diet Plan is a low-calorie, low-carb and low-fat eating plan that is designed to fuel your body with the necessary nutrients to lose weight fast. It worked wonders for me and getting the courage to do it again but like i said i took the die formula was doing ramp it up 6 days a week and was following the michi laddet to the bone.


Started “Ramp it Up” the second portion of the routine on the third week and it was a bit harder making me sore once again. I then went on to purchase the other Slim n 6 products–Slim Series and 30 min workouts.

Unlike many diets, The 6-Day Express Diet Plan offers three distinct seibers to meet your individual needs. Slim in 6 Challenge Pack. Hopefully I will be back to normal soon after having 2 kids.

But no jumping and high impact moves, like many videos. Good luck to all on your goals. I plan to go back to this after I take a month break doing the shred.

Easy-to-use tools for tracking your progress Simple Steps to Success! You should always consult your primary care physician prior to starting any new fitness, nutrition or weight loss regime. I just ordered mind slim in 6. L I just ordered mind slim in 6.

The 6-Day Express Diet Plan teaches not only what to eat but instructs on the proper times to eat, how much to eat and when to work out. Don’t rely on the scale. Used it then got bored and switched to another one. Plan 3, Fit-for-a-Minute, takes dieting to the extreme, providing a highly restrictive diet for those looking to lose weight as quickly as possible, making it ideal prior to photo shoots or bodybuilding competitions.

The plan also explains the importance of protein shakes and nutritional supplements, focusing on the safest, healthiest methods to achieve weight-loss success.