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defensa alekhine. Daniel Garcias; 1 video; 78 views; Last updated on Jun 25, Play next; Play now. Teoría – Defensa Alekhine. by AjedrezEnEspanol. La Defensa Alekhine by Julio Ganzo and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at La defensa Alekhine by R.G. Eales y A.H. Williams and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at

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Meeting the Alekhine – The classical way La Defensa Alekhine pertenece a esas aperturas que hacen que las blancas afronten retos muy especiales. Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: New ideas in the Catalan – Part 2 Opening: The point is to facilitate the e2-e4 advance.

Alekhine’s Defence – Wikidata

Ventajas para los clientes registrados: The Catalan is an interesting opening. Ver el carro de la compra. The way I see it, it came up as an attempt to blend in hypermodern ideas of the Reti into a frame of the Queens Gambit Declined. This opening was not taken seriously until the future world champion Alexander Alekhine — began to play it from on.

Vladimirs Petrovs

Black almost always plays c7-c6 before b7-b6 to be able to recapture on d5 with the c-pawn, at least until White commits his b1-knight. New ideas in the Catalan – Part 1. Log in to watch the full show or click one of the links below.


Spassky Chimes in Moscow For years we have seen this pattern of play: El GM Bojkov le defenda nuevas ideas en la variante con 4. New ideas in the Catalan – Part 2. Symphony of Attack with the SteinWay.

It was developed at a time when the old dogmas were being questioned and people were looking for something new. What’s in store Memberships Videos Teachers Merchandise. Instead of doing the same as White and establishing a pawn in the centre, Black invites his opponent to chase his knight around the board and set up a broad pawn centre as he wins tempi.

Yet, a more traditional approach with c7-c6, known as the Closed Catalan has also had some staying power. More practical testing is needed. The fianchetto helps White to maintain control of the center and respond better to Black’s breaks with c7-c5 or e6-e5. Carro de la compra. The games analyzed in this video series feature White playing Nbd2 immediately in replay to c7-c6. Gelfand-Stupak provides an answer to that problem. Carro de la deefnsa x.


Spassky shows Kan-do Spirit. Generally speaking, Black has always had its best success with d5xc4 lines, underlining one drawback of the Catalan as White’s inability to recapture on c4 with the bishop.


White goes Qc2, b3, Rd1 and waits for Black to decide where to place his bishop. Hacer el pedido y crear una cuenta Seguir. Some may not consider it very dangerous because the white knight isn’t optimally placed on d2 in the resulting French-like structures.

Magnus Carlsen Plays the Alekhine

Botvinnik Semi-Slav revisited 4. The Alekhine Defence is a provocative opening.

The second video illustrates different options for Black: This is a 5 minute preview. This is seen at its clearest in the principled Four Pawns Variation, in which 2.

Pieces Sacrifice in the Opening – Part The basic idea, to provoke the creation of a pawn centre which will later be the target of attacks, was very influential and that influence can be seen on many other modern openings.