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Precocious, a poet, a philosopher’s daughter, Maitreyi Devi was sixteen .. Astfel am aflat pentru prima dată de romanul Dragostea nu moare de Maitreyi Devi. Translation of ‘DRAGOSTEA NU MOARE’ by MAITREYI DEVI from Romanian to English. Download MAITREYI DEVI – Dragostea Nu Moare. Description. Download MAITREYI DEVI – Dragostea Nu Moare Free in pdf format.

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But she was still mkare-maitreyi of its content. I really enjoyed the last conversation because after all those years he had reached a level similar to hers and they finally understand each other’s minds. The book is written as a response to Mircea Eliade’s ‘Maitreyi’ novel, which is douchey to say the least.

Both books gracefully trace the authors’ doomed love affair and its emotional aftermath. Maitreyi finds out about the book and her alleged relationship with the Romanian student after many years, when she is a grown, educated woman. Mar 14, Joseph rated it it was amazing.

Based on their relationship Mircea’s novel in Romanian Maitreyi was published in Cu toate astea, comparatia draglstea inutila intre cele doua carti. Amrita’s soul is alive and will be the light to re-ignite the extinguished flame of the encompassing love.

DRAGOSTEA NU MOARE (English translation)

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I would have normally rated this book to a 4 star value instead of 5, but I think it deserves greater recognition and moare-maitrei if only for setting the story straight. She went to Mircea Eliade’s, who was a professor in the same university, office unannounced.

A wonderful book to consider for a Valentine’s Day theme, which is the reason we read it in our Literary Group. The ending was weird. Dec 29, Kienie rated it really liked it Shelves: Povestea lor este impresionanta si coplesitoare, demna de a primit doua variante tiparite.


As revealed in this novel with her side of things and which is indeed much more plausible than his, for reasons too many to counthe made public a fictional account of their otherwise platonic connection, describing a intense I would have normally rated this book to a 4 star value instead of 5, but I think it deserves greater recognition and respect if only for setting the story straight.

During this time Mircea and Maitreyi became close to each other. Whereas Mircea focused on the flareups of passion and the brief sexual relationship he claims they had Maitreyi adamantly does not agree with himMaitreyi views love in a more complex fashion, regularly baffled by how confused Mircea seems to be when she describes her love for a tree or for her mentor.

Books by Maitreyi Devi. It doesn’t stop me from still liking a great deal of his works, but it’s in spite of his personal character, and definitely not an endorsement of sevi. The only thing I didn’t like about this book is the fact that it should be a love story, it moare-maireyi be about Mircea ‘Euclid’ as she states a few timesyet all she talks about is herself. This book and Bengal Nights must be read together.

East and West, man and woman, reality and fantasy meet in the two books providing quite a good material for discussion I cannot say I liked it but I didn’t dislike it either, although it nuu a tedious, lengthy book and not very well written.

Apr 13, Katrina rated it liked it. She realizes, only devk surroundings have made her forgetful about her true love and she makes it up by mingling with Mircea. But I don’t have a thought out response to the reading besides an impression of her emotions, and my reaction to them.


It is impossible not to fall in love with both the young Mircea and Maitreyi and their later lives and respect for each-other and humanity in general. Induring her own Europe tour, Devi came across several Romanians who recognized her name, and told they have read a book written about her.

Fancy way to say that actually, he’s ,oare-maitreyi of the undeserved scandal he caused, and that he can’t handle seeing an aged woman and still claim their ‘special love’.

The book was definitely not as well written as “Maitreyi” but, according to Maitreyi herself, it was much closer to the real story.

Refresh and try again. Apr 19, Prakriti PalChoudhury rated it really liked it.

“Dragostea nu moare”-Maitreyi Devi – Praline literare

Really weird – in nj good way. For the Bengali film, see Na Hannyate. On discovering their secret romance her father ordered Mircea to leave their house. Nov 25, Nusrat Mahmood rated it liked it Shelves: May 05, Irene rated it it was amazing Shelves: More than forty years passed before Devi read Bengal Nightsthe novel Eliade had fashioned out of their encounter, only to find small details and phrases, even her given name, bringing back episodes and feelings she had sp Precocious, a poet, a philosopher’s daughter, Maitreyi Devi was sixteen years old in when Mircea Eliade came to Calcutta to study with her father.