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Buy Rebel Heart (Dustlands) 1 by Moira Young (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Rebel Heart (Dustlands, book 2) by Moira Young – book cover, description, publication history. The 2nd novel in the Dust Lands trilogy, this book begins in the perspective of Jack. He is heading to a tavern called The Lost Cause to inform.

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Review: Rebel Heart by Moira Young | The YA Kitten

Am I the only one whose opinion of DeMalo changes in book 2? It was magic to me. Saba says in the book rebfl by the look in his eyes she knows she’s lost her brother. They were just like, “Well, even though Jack has no reason at all to betray us, we’ve all instantly lost faith in him. He is NOT the guy we saw in the first book in any way, shape, or form.

Basically, I thought Saba was awesome in the first book, but in this book she did a lot of things that really got on my nerves. View all 38 comments. It’s also still very feminist in what the heroine is allowed to do, the mistakes she is allowed to make and the liberties she can take without worrying about her literary reputation. She’s haunted by dreams of Epona, the hearrt she killed during the battle so that she wouldn’t fall into enemy hands. He’s always so angry, never giving Saba freedom, acting like the boss or something.

Thousand Words by Jennifer Brown. Get it now Searching for streaming and purchasing options But it’s The Searchers, the story of a deeply flawed hero in obsessive pursuit of his kidnapped niece, that seeded Saba’s story in my imagination.

Why bother putting him on the cover if he only gets appearances in the very beginning and end of the book and then scattered in through out?


Not sure what’s happening, when its happening, or what the plot of this story was. The Rule of Three. Before she is able to fully digest the idea she is pulled from the water and sees someone going in after Nero too. Like it never happened. When Jack comes into the storage area of the barn he looks into the loft where Emmi is hidingand even though he’s alone he still blows a whistle to bring the other Tonton in and take Emmi.

Please don’t include any spoilers, I just started Blood Red Road. Just the two of them talking together was sparkling. Not to mention, it had a kickass I read Rebel Heart several weeks ago by now, and I still can’t decide how I feel about it.

Let’s see what are pluses and minuses of Dust Lands trilogy. I want my reading experiences to be black and white – either I like you dustlanss page 1 or I quit out.

Some of my reviews also have links to Amazon. I’m hoping the third book is better. Hwart if I tried, then I’d have to spoiler tag the entire review and I really hate doing this.

Rebel Heart

Looks like she found it. D hide spoiler ] Sign in or join to save for later. This is another one of those times when I feel like the things that I really want to say are things that I can’t. Rebel Heart Dustlands by Moira Young. Oh my gosh, my cousin and I felt the same way about DeMalo and Saba! Secondly, I like the writing style for the most part. I’m honestly not even going to take any guesses about book 3. Lugh, Emmi, Tommo and Saba have been traveling through a land called the Wastes for weeks now trying to get out west to the new land they were told about that “flows with milk and honey” called the Big Water.

I can’t think of any other way this story could have gone and when you step back and really think about this novel, disregarding your own conflicted emotions, you will come to see that Moira Young is an unbelievable author, for she lets her characters lead the story and that truly does make all the difference. This book will blow you away. It made me feel detached to the story. She sees Nero flying above her and a hawk swoop down and attack him.


The epic battle for freedom? Molly sees in Jack’s eyes that he is finally in love and tells him they need to celebrate but Jack tells her about Ike once he works up the nerve and she goes into a back room and locks herself in. I need more of them ASAP. Cuteness and cheer and all that.

Rebel Heart | Dustlands Series Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Mature warrior-girl sequel stays exciting. Was it to give him more face time to attract young fan girls? Characters grow in Rebel Heart, and relationships are tested.

Saba and Lugh’s relationship has kind of fractured Basically, I’m invested in her as a character. Is it as good as the first book? How did this happen? I do think that first book is worth reading. And what the hell was with what he told Saba to do? Dust Lands 3 books. It started out promisingly enough, and I found it easy to slip back into the language and the post-apocalyptic world set up so well in Blood Red Road.

Myself, I looked forward to being propelled inside this vivid, desolate world again by a writing style that truly makes it come alive.