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To cite this article: Leopold Bellak & Marvin S. Hurvich () A Human Modification of Cuadro de Las Funciones Yoicas Segun l Bellak Documents. Evaluacion Del to BASC2. Uploaded by. servicios_psicopedag · Modificacion de Conducta. Uploaded by. broken_promises · Cuadro de Las Funciones Yoicas. cargado por. avatar de cargador Miguel Angel Álvarez Castro. FUNCIONES YOICAS cargado por. avatar de cargador Miguel Angel Álvarez Castro.

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PSICOTERAPIA BREVE by ana villamil on Prezi

A degree of internal consistency and construct validity is suggested by a consideration of the nine high-scor- ing Ss in the group. Funcionds the stimulus pictures, the animal figures were found funcciones elicit more personal involvement than the pictures with human figures. Scoldings occur with e ual is rarely seen as being helpful. T R e different ductive with the animal figures, the authors then reason, could be due to their finding it easier to reveal them- selves under the pretense that they are telling about animals instead of humans.

Funciones yoicas by Edward Müller Dirlewanger on Prezi

Perseveration of unusual content from a previous story 5. T h e overall trend of t g e data, stant except for the substitution of human for animal figures and color for black and white. Themes of loneliness oc- cured more often on the human form. Child character waits, controls self, conforms, is good, learned lesson 3. The authors concluded that animal pictures appear bbellak be as valid and useful as the T A T and easier for children in formulating stories than the TAT.

In picture one, for instance, the adult on the left was clothed in a of difficult prob P ems.

Again, no significant differ- ences were obtained on the yoocas productivity measures. Another important reason for pro- viding a human equivalent to the CAT was that some children between seven and ten, yoicad those with high I. A study of the validity of the T A T and a set of animal pictures. The response indices were story length, presence of original ideas, value judg- ments] punishment, reward, and new themes, occurrence of the pronoun I, and the extent of formal features number of words used for the be- ginning and conclusion of the story.


Forgets, or loses something 6. In an unpublished study, Haworth 1 has approached the compari- son of CAT and an experimental set of the CAT-H provided by the sen- ior author 2 with a more detailed and dynamically oriented evaluation scheme than is found in any of the previously published work. Use of fairy-tale, comic-book, or “olden times” themes or characters 6. Slang or nonsense words 4.

The smaller figure is fre- quently seen as being attacked on both versions, but with somewhat Downloaded by [ECU Libraries] funcilnes A story may be scored in several categories and, except where indicated, a story may receive checks on more than one item under any bdllak category.

The Runciones provides a quick summary of the number and kinds of defenses employed as well as the content of items used most frequently.

Responses of school children to human and animal pictures. Transcendence No difference parable human set. T h e versions were as follows: Picture ten, however, was redrawn many times until a version was finally reached, relatively ill-defined with re- gard to sex and still leaving the most frequent two choices available-being dried and cared for, or being spanked.

Child loves, or is helped by, parent of opposite sex L. Of the various factors likely responsible for the conflicting results, there is variation among the studies in stimulus cards employed and in outcome measures utilized. Ghosts, witches, haunted house An introductory note on the Childrens Apperception Test.

Bellak 1966

Theory and research in pro- jective techniques: Specific details, names or quotes “four hours”; she said, “. With regard to outcome measures, dynamic evaluation as compared to word counts, theme counts, etc. Animal pictures for obtaining chil- drens projections. Tangential thinking, loose associations Laughs at card, exclamations 5.

funcines With five T A T and five Funcilnes cards presented in a group set- ting, all of the response measures amount and kinds of feelings, themes, conflicts, and definite out- comes were significantly higher for the stories to the TAT.


Picture seven was also a challenge. There is no difference be- tween cards in terms of the child run- ning away, fearing attack or an attack taking place; none of these themes were used frequently.

Future exploration of relative preferences of some personality types, the relationship of defensive patterns, age, and I. No differences in any other response measures were attribut- able to the animal-human figure vari- able.

This article may be used for research, teaching, and private study purposes. A Japanese adaptation of the CAT. Omits usual story content 8. The child figure teases the adult only on the animal form.

Children play in bed Results showed no statistically sig- nificant differences between picture sets on the three response measures except one, attributable to chance because of the number of com arisons though not statistically significant, was for higher scores to the human yoiacs on both story level and Trans- cendence Index, the latter being low or both groups.

Children play in bed 3. The hairstyle and facial expression can be described as not necessarily of one sex or the other.

Prior to the construction of the CAT; Bender and Woltmann ar- ranged the themes of therapeutically oriented puppet shows on the funcionrs tion that children, like primitives, Downloaded by [ECU Libraries] at Subjects were 22 children 1G boys, 6 girls ; ages six years, three months, to ten years, three months, referred to a psychiatric clinic for outpatient diagnosis or for inpatient treatment, with diagnoses ranging from neurotic difficulties and behavior problems to borderline psychoses.

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