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VRV® Systems • Indoor Unit. 1. • Indoor Unit • Concealed Ceiling Unit With Inverter Driven Fan • FXSQ-P. TABLE OF CONTENTS. FXSQ-P. 1. Specifications . 50P. 63P. 80P P P. ². ². VE. Ceiling Mounted. Cassette Type. (). FXFQ. FXSQ. 20M8 25M8 32M8 40M8 50M8 63M8 80M8 M8 M8. Indoor Unit • Concealed ceiling unit with inverter driven fan • FXSQ-P [dB] FXSQ63P Sound pressure level [dB] FXSQP dBA = A-weighted sound power.

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Centralised control optional Starts, stops and regulates several air conditioners from one central point.

Maintains the indoor temperature at your specified comfort level during txsq, thus saving energy. Wired remote control optional Starts, stops and regulates the air conditioner.

View product technical details.

Multi zoning Allows up to 6 individual climate zones with fxxsq indoor unit. Home leave operation Maintains the indoor temperature at your specified comfort level during absence, thus saving energy.


Daikin FXSQ-P7VEB Technical Data Manual: Sound Power Spectrum

Air filter Removes airborne dust particles to ensure a steady supply of clean air. Auto cooling-heating changeover heat pump Automatically selects heating or cooling mode to achieve the set temperature. Daikin indoor units are whisper quiet.

Whisper quiet Daikin indoor units are whisper quiet.

FXSQ-A | Daikin

Fan speed steps 3 steps Allows to select up to the given number of fan speed. Infrared remote control optional Starts, ffxsq and regulates the air conditioner from a distance. Download product technical details.

Drain pump kit standard Facilitates condensation draining from the indoor unit. Multi zoning kit allows multiple individually-controlled climate zones to be served by one indoor unit Reduced energy consumption thanks to specially developed DC fan motor and drain pump Optional fresh air intake Flexible installation: Also the outdoor units are guaranteed not to disturb the quiet of the neighbourhood. Product Features Slimmest unit in class, only mm mm built-in height and therefore narrow ceiling voids are no longer a challenge Quiet operation: Weekly timer Can be set to start heating or cooling anytime on a daily or weekly basis.


Sound Power Spectrum – Daikin FXSQ-P7VEB Technical Data Manual [Page 21]

Multi tenant The indoor unit’s main power supply can be turned off when leaving the hotel or office building. Fan only The unit can be used as fan, blowing air without heating or cooling. Auto-restart The unit restarts automatically at the original settings after power failure. Self diagnosis Simplifies maintenance by indicating system faults or operating anomalies.

Dry programme Allows humidity levels to be reduced without variations in room temperature.