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Yutaki-M. Hitachi’s Yutaki-M monobloc heat pump is a compact solution for heating and domestic hot water. Year-round comfort, with heat output available at . I World-renowned, highly-reliable Hitachi high pressure scroll compressor. I Outputs from 5kW to 24kW HITACHI YUTAKI-M YUTAKI-S ASHP PAGE 1. The Hitachi Yutaki-M KW Monobloc ATW Heat Pump air-to-water heat pump systems are available in capacities of kW or 14kW. The Hitachi Yutaki-M.

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Contact us for discounts. During the winter, heat is pumped from the environment to the residence achieving an increase in the internal temperature heating mode – Figure 1. Great savings compared with traditional heating systems Low maintenance costs DC Inverter Technology.

DC Scroll inverter energy class: If you follow the link: It is available in sizes from 5,0 kW to 32,0 kW. Discount for purchase of hiitachi than 3 air conditioners. Contact on offer on phone 96 55 or mobile 43 60 or email: The best price Bought by the Greek delegation Guarantee Greek delegation. The supply of all the products hutaki find in our online store, it is only from the Greek delegations and always accompanied with documentation and warranty of the Greek delegation.


Want information about a specific product? Hydraulic combination packages with Yutaki. Ytaki on offer on the phone 96 55 or mobile 43 60 or email: The best price in Europe.

Hitachi Yutaki-M Monobloc – Easy Heat Pumps

The heat pump is a machine that has the capacity to pump heat energy a “reservoir” and transfer it to another. During summer diarkeiatou contrary, abstraction is made from inside the house with the result meiositis internal temperature cooling – figure 2.

The customer pays the transport costs. European Consumer you will find the European Directive that mentions the obligatory of the brand companies to provide warranty among all the European Union countries apart the country yutako the initial purchase. It is available in 4 sizes from 8,0 kW to 17,5 kW.

Hitachi-Yutaki-M Archives – Freedom Heat Pumps

The temperature is regulated thanks to DC Inverter Hot water. The only obligation is to provide the invoice and packing list of the purchase.


Controller Pack – Control System Programmable controller with integrated wireless thermostat that allows controlling high capasity system heating, ensuring a comfortable temperature in your home while saving Energy. For accurate calculation of transport should write the delivery address. Characteristically the control system are: It has the following Characteristically: Trim control external temperature Checking electrical resistors Check boiler Check hot water Check water pump Auto-off summer Limitation Operation relative to the outdoor temperature Freeze Protection Operation underfloor heating system Wireless thermostat Weekly Timer.


Incorporating features and benefits that make it the ideal solution for replacing traditional oil boilers and new hutaki. Transfer to all the countries of Europe. An efficient solution compact, in which a unit is installed outdoor, without occupying space inside the house and can be used in parallel with the existing solution heating.

Perfect heating renovations, new construction or in combination with the existing system of heating.