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There is a way! But only if you haven’t saved the document already. Right after you fill or check a box you didn’t intend to, type Ctrl-Z. That’s it!. The majority of the forms make use of the most fundamental form fields, such as simple text fields, radio buttons and check boxes. Once again, please remember. Whenever the form runs on the desktop or Trimble the boxes are checked. I want the default set to uncheck. I typed in “False” in the default.

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But the form is complicated already kicked back once — and my problem is, what if I mistakenly click on the wrong check box and I want to too it back like answer a question on the form, someplace on the form that does not apply – like mistakenly answering a question in the citizenship and Resident Alien section — I think you can understand the situation. Comment Spotlight WordPress Plugin: Go to original post. If you do not want the content control box displayed, select None in the Show as box.

Can’t Uncheck Checkboxes I have a form designed for a client that has a series of check boxes. Thank you very much. Check Boxes Check ujcheck are used on forms for lists of items in which more than one item can be selected. Hope this can help. Signatures At this time, all signatures, where required, must be hand written on the form. My guess is that’s your only option. If you are using Preview on MacOS, you can revert to an earlier version of the document where the boxes had not been checked: I have a form designed for a client that has a series of check boxes.

Uncheck All Radio Buttons on a PDF Form

I do not want any buttons checked! We recommend that you work offline within the Adobe Acrobat Reader or other Adobe Acrobat software products to a prevent the loss of data through inadvertent use of your browser while completing the form and b to minimize the confusion of layered menu bars that occurs when working online within your browser frame. Automatically sync folders across computers with Dropbox! Home Services Forums Advertise Contact. Submitting Forms Submit the form to the administering agency as you normally would – via regular mail or in person.


Here is how I solve the problem and it proves to be very effective. Check boxes can be linked so that only one can be selected at a time making them function like the radio buttons with the added function of allowing you to have nothing selected.

Use this link to receive an extra MB for free! TimeVariant 1 4. What am I missing?

Make changes to check boxes

Anyway, are you saying there is no way to clear the check box, once it has been checked? If “no option” should be legal, a set of radio buttons with the same field name but different return values has to be used. Q Adobe Acrobat XI i just came across this feature. Click Color if you want the content control to have a color when the mouse hovers over it.

Create the button and add a “Reset a form” action in its Mouse Up event, selecting just the Group of radio buttons to be boxx.

Can’t Uncheck Checkboxes – Adobe Acrobat Macintosh

Can’t Uncheck Checkboxes are you sure it’s a checkbox and not a radio button with the button style of ‘check’? The arrow pointer allows you to select jow field, a check box, a radio button, or an item from a fillabe To accept the field change and go to the next fieldpress [TAB] or use your mouse to click on the next form field.

The question in my form was one that a user could skip: Post as a guest Name. Proudly powered by WordPress.

After you insert a check box in a document, you can change the check box symbol from an X to a checkmark or other symbol, or make other changes, such as the color or size of the checkbox. Once an option of a radio button set is checked, “no option” is no longer possible because “no option” i actually illegal according to the definition of the radio button.


January 27, at Go back to the very beginning, Stephen R, May 25, Text boxes single line or multi-line Text boxes are straightforward fillable fields where you can type text or numeric data onto the form.

Expand your Office skills. November 15, at 3: If you are the creator of the form you have two options to solve your problem: STILL helping almost 6 years later. Worked in Acrobat X Pro. January 14, at Before printing your form – use your mouse to select an area of the form that is not inside a form field or hit the [TAB] key after completing the entry of your last box.

How do UNcheck a checkbox in a form? | GeoNet

Thank you so much for the tip! Get new features first. On the Developer tab, click Properties. Shrinky Link WordPress Plugin: There either is a fix or not and in needs to be expressed clearly by one person who really understands it. Magnifying the form to make it easier to read and fill-in.

Please type your message and unchexk again.

Generally such form fields tend to be phone numbers area code, prefix, suffixdates, social security numbers or similar items. I am using it in my application using Radpdf control for.

The second and more complicated option is to use JavaScript and add the following script as a “Run a JavaScript” action to the MouseUp event for each choice in the group so you can uncheck the selected radio button:.