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About Papaji · About the Avadhuta Foundation · Community» · Papaji Contacts Worldwide · Video Satsangs Around the World · Bookstore» · Books». W. L. Poonja discovered Ramana Maharshi in a remarkable manner. One morning, in , while he was sitting on his veranda in North India [now. H. W. L. Poonja (Papaji). 19K likes. “Keep quiet. Do not let a single thought arise.”.

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It is your very inner nature. This has to be practised and not just listened to or read somewhere.

H.W.L. Poonja Quotes (Author of Wake Up and Roar)

So what is the use of that hunt which is not abiding, which is not living, which is not Eternal, which is disturbing?

What was inside you? Check it so that it is not attracted to anything outside, and if you keep quiet, a thought will come: This massive three-volume biography of H. His message, like that of his teacher Sri Ramana, was always that the Self is already enlightened and free.

Entering the hall in which Ramana stayed, Poonja found the Gwl seated on a couch. An interview with H. This is the role of the Guru: Nobody is worthy to receive them. I brought them back to Lucknow in August of He was then taken to Ramana’s brother, the manager of the Ashram, who explained to Poonja that Ramana Maharshi had never left the town of Tiruvannamalai since his arrival almost fifty years earlier! A process of transformation was pponja on—the old body was dying, atom by atom, and a new body was being created in its place.

So, one day inI was sitting in my house in Lyalpur when a sadhu approached.


It was so quick. When he had a vision of Ramana telling him that Krishna devotion was the only truth, Poonja returned to Ramanasramam and asked Ramana if he had indeed appeared before him. I was looking for a Guru who could show me how to attain enlightenment. These efforts, aimed at experiencing God, had so far been fruitless. To get rid of everything is freedom. How would you describe the Maharshi to someone who never met him? When it is finally discovered to be a fake, the person who is circulating it, claiming that it is real, is subject to poonjq penalties of the law.

Ramana, looking at Krishna, wept so that Poonja became convinced that Ramana was a secret bhakta himself. God will speak, God will walk, and God will see.

You can contact us in our forum or write to our email address. I went out to the town. This false appearance will not show up again when the Real is revealed to you.

And this often happens in many cases here in satsang.

This is how the help comes, but one has to be very seriously in search of his or her own Self. Second, he emphasized the aspect of neo-Advaita that appeals most to Westerners: Having returned there, the mind is lost and there is no mind now to search for the light or wisdom anywhere else.

H. W. L. Poonja

They we looking for an ex-army officer to work in their CBI store in Madras to supply army supplies to a British regiment there. I was going to start my work in Madras so Poonjx had all my bedding with me. We have no fear as we drop into sleep. Hari Wench Lal Poonja was born into an upper-class Brahmin family on October 13, in Gujrunwala in western Punjab, a part of India that is now in Pakistan, and raised in nearby Lyalpur, now called Faisalabad.


I was very thirsty for someone to give me guidance to be free, and the circumstances appeared to be helping me with my quest. I have always been. For a partial poonaj, see below under Links. Preview — The Truth Is by H. A dream is a dream, so why are you are afraid of a dream? In the following years H. Then I went inside.

So I started coming every weekend for a day and a half. After his retirement inhe moved to Lucknow in northern India, where his wife and children had lived since It is so simple.

He asked me, “What about your family? We have heard of some three or four instances. My body was vibrating and became One.

I went inside and asked him, “It was you wasn’t it, who saw me and gave me your own address in Poojja In this quietness, the mind will automatically return to its Source. So first find peace within and you will see this inner peace reflected everywhere else. This mountain is very beautiful, there are forests, there are monkeys, there are peacocks.

Is the Self like the unknown? Do you see him now?

Now I am physically attached to you, I have physical attachment. This wall is imagination. After that he got up and went for five days around that bodhi tree in appreciation of what he had received.