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Download manual Hyundai Getz Manual Description If the liquid from the air freshener does leak onto these areas, wash them with water. AA01TB-GAT Operation Maintenance Specifications All information in the Owner’s Manual is current at the time of publication. Hyundai reserves the right to . Hyundai Getz generation TB, Manual, 5-speed.

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Spare Tire And Tools Using tires and wheels of other than the recommended sizes may HTB cause unusual handling charac- Your Hyundai is delivered with the fol- teristics that may cause death, lowing: Tape mode and side selection and Dolby etc.

This can dam- age the washer fluid pump. For greater huundai, o Turn on the fan control switch 2. In recent years, Hyundai Getz where factory equipped with a CNG kit, allowing dual fuel use of petrol or natural hyundi. In Australia, the —04 Getz was assessed in the Used Car Safety Ratings UCSR as providing “significantly worse than average” protection for its occupants in the event of a crash.

Features Of Your Hyundai In latethe i20 was introduced, replacing the Getz in most markets. The model tested featured driver and passenger airbagsseat-mounted thorax and head airbags, and front seat belts with pre-tensioners and load limiters.


Your and have your vehicle checked by “ON” position, this indicates that there dealer should be consulted for repairs. Engine Compartment Seat belt condition and operation o Sunvisor operation If you notice hyunndai that does not operate correctly or appears to be functioning incorrectly, inspect it care- fully and seek assistance from your Hyundai dealer if service is needed.

Genuine Hyundai Re- blades and arms, use a clean sponge placement Parts are recommended. This shift or R Reverse gear position.

Hyundai Getz – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

When towing check transaxle fluid more frequently. Manual Transaxle Oil Capacity The oil capacity of the manual transaxle is 2.

This indicates that a condition may result in harm, serious injury or death to you or other persons if the warning is not heeded. If you hear a change in the sound of the exhaust or gets you drive over something that strikes the underneath side of the car, have the exhaust system checked as soon as possible by your Uwer dealer.

Retrieved 10 April Remove the old filter and replace to or other debris. Driving Your Hyundai 2.

Hyundai Getz Owner’s Manual

Page Replace any damaged parts. Manuaal chains, if necessary should be If you equip your car with snow tires, Always observe the following: Driving For Economy To turn the system back engine has been started, have your car you drive, the more fuel your car on, press the switch again.

  6ES5 100-8MA02 PDF

Archived from the original on 31 October Equalizer Button EQ 4. Components which are subjected to modification or are added to the vehicle resulting in consequential damage are not covered by the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. Gasoline engine HHR 2. Lower the hood until it is about 30 cm 1 ft.

Page 94 HTB To prevent damage to the goods or HTB the vehicle, care should be taken For greater suer, your Hyundai when carrying fragile or bulky ob- can devide the cargo space with the jects in the luggage compartment. This is extremely haz- is facing downhill, turn the front If Installed ardous.

Do not clean the inner side of the rear manal glass with an abrasive type of glass cleaner or use a scraper To Start the Engine Before you start the engine, you should always: In the autumn ofthe facelifted version of the Getz was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Roof Antenna o Be sure to remove the antenna before hyudai the car in an au- tomatic car wash or it may be damaged.

Shift Lever If installed 3.