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Jatropha mollissima är en törelväxtart som först beskrevs av Johann Baptist Emanuel Jatropha mollissima ingår i släktet Jatropha och familjen törelväxter. Rese arch Articl e Aqueous Leaf Extract of Jatropha mollissima (Pohl) Bail Decreases Local Effects Induced by Bothropic Venom Jacyra. Biomed Res Int. ; Epub Oct Aqueous Leaf Extract of Jatropha mollissima (Pohl) Bail Decreases Local Effects Induced by Bothropic.

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Master of English Education, University of Georgia for editing this manuscript. Casas Jatropha rzedowskii J. Almeida Castro et al. Molissima compounds were identified as isoorientin peak 3orientin peak 4vitexin peak 5and isovitexin peak 6.

Local skin hemorrhage, local edema, leukocyte migration, and myotoxicity were significantly inhibited by the extract. All the results show that the animals treated with the J.

Evaluation of the leukocyte influx after treatment with the extract of J. In both cases, all tested doses of the J.

Inhibition of the edematogenic activity of B. Damage to the muscle tissue myonecrosis is a serious local effect of the bothropic envenomation, since it can lead to permanent loss of tissue, disability, and even amputation [ 5960 ].

Flora of North America [on-line]. The chromatograms show spots suggestive of the presence of phenolic compounds, flavonoids, and saponins Mollissiam S2.

MAAS protect against lethality and systemic hemorrhage induced by Bothrops asper venom: Jatropha latifolia Pax Jatropha loristipula Radcl. In this context, the use of medicinal plants could be highlighted, since many of them could be able to neutralize a broad spectrum of toxins including the local tissue damage [ 2833 ].

The water used was purified by reverse osmosis. The lyophilized aqueous extract of J. These results are interesting, since several studies show that flavonoids jagropha significant inhibitory activities against some snake venom enzymatic toxins such as PLA 2 and hyaluronidases [ 3839 ]. Another group that received i.


Jatropha mollissima | Project Noah

The ability of the B. Casas Jatropha fremontioides Standl.

Jatropha rufescens Brandegee Jatropha rumicifolia Fern. Mga ngaran-lat’ang Barasahon Hiruhimangraw. Overall, these results demonstrate the potential of the J. The PLA 2 damages the sarcolemma, resulting in a loss jztropha calcium permeability and, consequently, causing rupture of this membrane, leading to a rapid release of the cytosolic markers such as lactate dehydrogenase LDH and creatine kinase CK [ 5561 ].

The treatment with dexamethasone significantly reduced the edema induced by both venoms. On the day of the experiment, the animals were mollissim in the experimental room for at least one hour prior to tests, for acclimation.

The low inhibition of local effects due to the delay of receiving the serum or due to the low efficacy is the leading cause of amputations, which can lead to serious social, economic, and health negative impacts, given that most victims live in rural areas [ 13 ].

Mollissija is one of the first effects caused by the bothropic envenoming.

BioMed Research International

National Plant Germplasm System [on-line]. Thin Mollisisma Chromatography TLC Profile For phytochemical analysis by TLC, the aqueous extract was fractionated by liquid-liquid partition to obtain fractions with different polarities, thus facilitating the chromatographic analysis of the compounds.

Therefore, this study aims to evaluate the effect of the aqueous leaf extract from J. Jatropha woodii Kuntze Jatropha zeyheri Sond. The mobile phase was comprised of acetic acid 0. Mozinna Ortega Zimapania Engl.

Casas Jatropha hernandiifolia Vent. The differential count of the leukocyte infiltration was evaluated. After total dissolution and prior to analysis, the samples and solvents were filtered through a 0.


Torres Jatropha obbiadensis Chiov. Inhibition of the Edematogenic Activity The edematogenic activity of B. Our results indicate that J. Flow elution was 0.

Figures 5 a and 5 b show the total number of leukocytes in the peritoneal cavity of the animals treated with the J. Snakebites are a serious worldwide public health problem.

The data were processed through Bruker Compass Data Analysis 4. Two different mobile phases were used: Local hemorrhage is one of the main symptoms of bothropic envenomation [ 42 ]. Several jatrophw species from genus Jatropha have been reported for their medicinal uses, chemical constituents, and biological activities such as Jatropha curcasJatropha ellipticaJatropha gossypifoliaand Jatropha mollissima [ 1718 ].

An Jatropha mollissima [1] in uska species han Magnoliopsida nga syahan ginhulagway ni Johann Baptist Emanuel Pohlngan ginhatag han pagkayana nga asya nga ngaran ni Henri Ernest Baillon. The extract was prepared in triplicate and analyzed. This result was similar to that produced by dexamethasone, which is a steroidal anti-inflammatory drug widely used in medical practices.

It could be observed that the J. Glycosylated derivatives from these two flavonoids, orientin and isoorientin derived from luteolin and vitexin and isovitexin derived from apigeninhave similar absorption II bands for these aglycones, differing mainly by the maximum absorption of the I band.

Flora of China [on-line].