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Mahanidana Sutta: Sutta Pitaka: The Mahanidana Sutta (“Discourse on the Great Origin”) gives the fullest canonical treatment of the doctrine of dependent. Buddha and Ananda talk about the Interdependent Origin of Suffering. One day, Ananda said to the Buddha that although the doctrine of the. It is true that Maha Nidana Sutta in the Digha Nikaya points out Paticcasamuppada (the process of Dependant Arising), and of Nāma-kāya.

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Copy link Copy table Cite. Waldschmidt ; vol ii ed. When Gautama Buddha explained Phasa section, it said “‘From contact as a requisite condition comes feeling. Suppose there were mwhanidana and utterly no continued existence for anyone anywhere. Change the script of the Pali text This enables you to read the Pali text in various scripts. That is, craving for sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touches, and thoughts.

Saptha Visuddhi 8, 1 5 They describe it as physical and limited: In that way too a noble disciple is one of right view…and has arrived at this true Dhamma.

While there are many suttas containing less than 12 links, it seems strange autta Maha-Nidana Sutta omits the six sense spheres, which the Buddha described as one of his core teachings in AN 3. Buddhism Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Activate Pali word lookup Analyzes the Pali mhanidana and attempts to display the word meaning.

Suppose there were totally and utterly no assessing for anyone anywhere.

Would either linguistic contact or impingement contact still be found? Suppose there were totally and utterly no shtta of material possessions for anyone anywhere.

On his question Paticcasamuppada was easy to understand we can deduce that Venerable Ananda had Vijja and got rid of Avijja since he first joined Sanga. You have to be a member in order to post comments.


Suppose there were none of the features, attributes, signs, and details by which the category of mental phenomena is found. That is what the Buddha said. Attachment is a cause of possessiveness. By not understanding, and not penetrating this doctrine of Paticcasamuppada, beings have become entangled like in a knotted ball of thread and have become like munja grass and rushes, unable to pass beyond the woeful states of existence, and Samsara, the cycle of existence.

That is, there were no rebirth of sentient beings into their various realms—of gods, fairies, spirits, creatures, humans, quadrupeds, birds, or reptiles, each into their own realm. Not perceiving form mabanidana, they see visions externally.

Mahanidana Sutta, Mahānidāna-sutta: 1 definition

Click here to login or click here to become a member. Ananda rejoices at this profound instruction, for he sees something that suttw hidden from him earlier in the Doctrine of the Nidanas: Would contact still be found? Add your comment or reference to a book if you want to contribute to this summary article. Remember settings Select this to remember these settings next time you visit SuttaCentral.

Mahanidana Sutta | Three Vajras

DN 15 17 Pali. Therefore, birth is the cause of aging and death. Seeking is a cause of gaining material possessions. This is the fourth liberation. Page 2 Sacitta, 1 nt. Craving is a condition for grasping. DN 15 then discusses “Delineations of a Self”. Nama-rupa has a Brahmanistic meaning of ‘naming-forms’. The Sutta also discusses the idea of soul, the seven resting places of cognition vinnanatthitithe two spheres ayatanaand the eight kinds of deliverance vimokkha.

Try using the modern version anyway. Limit s of analytical research Returning to the main chain of Nidanas, the Buddha explains: But for the normal, ubiquitous and common causes and effects links should include six bases and mainly Avijja and Sankhara as well.


If there was no excitation of consciousness of any kind: Birth If there mhaanidana no desire for existence sutat any of the worlds: Yet another surprise awaits Ananda, who at the beginning of the conversation believed himself already possessing the doctrine of the Nidanas: Excitation of consciousness If there were no Triple Thirst, where would the excitation of consciousness come from? Triple Thirst If there were no immersion of consciousness in the perception of the eye, ear, tongue, nose, body and intellect, then where the Triple Thirst would be drawn from?

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Not being anxious, they personally become extinguished. I will try and find the answer to your question within the month, but let us keep maahnidana mind that learning is a gradual process.

Mahanidana Sutta

Now, regarding these seven planes of consciousness and two dimensions, is it appropriate for someone who understands them—and their origin, ending, gratification, drawback, and escape—to take pleasure in them? Dasuttara DN 34 — DN iii This is the fifth plane of consciousness.

Such a contemplator is called liberated due to inference. Two bundles of reeds are kept on the ground with a little space between them leaning against each other with their top ends, that both the bundles are kept standing with the support of each other.

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